The Royal Mindset – Using Blockchain to Shape the Way We Game

Throughout history, there have always been pivotal moments which act as a catalyst for the next major technological or social advancement. These happen when the current status quo is questioned and approached from a new angle to address the issues which, in some way or another, selectively restrict a portion of the population from happiness and success. Now is one of those moments.

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With growing poverty levels, fewer health resources, and higher debt-to-income ratios, trying to secure supplemental wages is an unfortunate fact of life on a global scale. Rather than addressing this issue, the current system capitalizes on exploitative dark patterns, further destabilizing gamers who potentially struggle with addictive behaviors or wealth inequality.

Even games which are supposedly free to play have cyclical underlying mechanics that capitalize on the expense of the user. It can be difficult to look at “the way things are” with the openminded curiosity necessary to find something better. After an entire industry that’s structured to profit from players losing became normalized, the idea of a gaming ecosystem which does the opposite is hard to imagine. This is partly because the traditional economic structures of today wouldn’t allow a company to lower the cost of games, decrease risk and loss, increase financial rewards, add accessibility, protect user information, openly present accurate data, and also be considered successful. But it’s time for that mindset to be challenged.

There is a better way.

This concept is the driving force behind everything Royal Protocol does. Royal Protocol is many things but, most profoundly, it’s a software development company taking the first step to redirect how online games and digital gaming can impact everyday life. Modernizing games to utilize alternative economic systems and cutting-edge technology is just the beginning. By exploring previously impossible solutions, Royal Protocol will truly become gaming evolved.

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