The Royal Protocol Blockchain - New Technology for a New Era

While the term “blockchain” is frequently considered synonymous to cryptocurrency, the purpose of its underlying technology diversifies beyond its connection to digital finance.

Litepaper Overview

By creating the Royal Protocol Blockchain as a home for native, smart contract games, holders will be able to connect to the Royal Protocol Ecosystem and explore state-of-the-art methods for transferring and storing information, building and sustaining alternative forms of capital, and implementing a holistic version of digital ownership. It’s not unusual for content creators to struggle with the constant updates in game development, especially when tools for self-guided learning are difficult to obtain. Recognizing this dynamic allows the Royal Protocol Blockchain to fill this space as a new platform, or medium, where both Royal Arcade Studio and third-party game designers can breathe life into their creations using the latest technology.

Blockchain is a tool for the perfect recording of data through a secure chain of linear interactions. Harnessing that utility, the Royal Protocol Blockchain is able to actualize the concept of Immutable Truth in the context of interactive online entertainment. The modern-day gaming landscape offers players the illusion of informed choice without true transparency, meaning there is an indeterminable level of risk when it comes to any financial participation. Undisclosed odds, weighted difficulty based on player proficiency and spending habits, and the financial drain of endlessly nuanced releases of DLC are all examples where the everyday user can be hurt by a lack of honest disclosure from game development companies. While many titles are not outright malicious, the fact that data is not readily available and in a comprehensible format prevents individuals from doing their due diligence and protecting themselves from unintended consequences. Thus, Royal Protocol is a visionary software development company which has purposefully chosen to use blockchain to fulfill the ethical obligation of providing our users with a safe, trusted environment for their enjoyment.

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