$GROY – Governance within the Royal Protocol Ecosystem

The most successful business ventures recognize the strength of an empowered community and prioritize ways to facilitate their involvement. In the case of Royal Protocol, this will happen through the governance token, $GROY.

Litepaper Overview

$GROY is the key to an interactive future for Royal Protocol, allowing users to understand their personal voting power, their allocated rewards for certain events, and a wide range of additional features which will be 100% unique to the Royal Protocol Ecosystem.

$GROY, with a total supply of 6,000,000 tokens, will have an abundance of opportunities available for holders to acquire and accumulate it, including our upcoming liquidity game. Participants will enter an LP Game with $200,000 of GROY available for rewards based off of their stake and ranked position.

$GROY will be a way for the Royal Protocol community to have a voice, a personal connection to the success of the project, and to shape our direction. The ultimate potential for $GROY is limitless, but holders can look forward to voting on new content from Royal Protocol Studio, giving feedback on what developers write as smart contracts, and which third-party games should be reviewed for the Royal Protocol Certification.

Additional benefits are yet to be released to the public, but $GROY plays an important role for large-scale involvement and potential partnerships.

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