Security Reimagined – A Better Way to Game

Decentralized cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies exist in a high-stakes environment with little regulation or government oversight. This is a double-edged sword, as the potential pitfalls of this setting are the same qualities which give cryptocurrency its capability for explosive growth. However, as investors and users, this means that even projects which appear trustworthy can have devastating results.

Litepaper Overview

We believe that, while decentralization is an integral aspect of cryptocurrency, we have an obligation to our holders to rise above the lackluster security standards of the current market. An example would be how personal data can be acquired and used. It is impossible to interact with online digital content without some level of information exchange.

Your name, Social Security Number, location, IP address, banking information, and more, can be accessed easily by the right individual, company, or government. Mainstream gaming lives within a system where even the best kept secret is inherently vulnerable to exposure. Our eventual goal with the Royal Protocol Ecosystem will be to allow users to retain their anonymity, ensuring their sensitive data remains where it belongs – with them.

Not only will Royal Protocol take every possible precaution to establish a new level of safety within a blockchain environment, the Royal Protocol Ecosystem will act as a software vetting platform for potential partnerships, utilizing tools such as the Royal Arcade Certification and carefully-selected teams of specialists to enable Royal Arcade audited contracts.

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