Swap for Royal Tokens

Let's get you some Royal Tokens!

Swap for Royal Tokens

We are building out a swap experience. For now feel free to use our community supported site to swap BNB for Royal Token.


  1. First, connect your wallet to the Metamask by click on the "Connect Button" on the navigation bar.
Connect Button Nav
  1. Wallet Connect Options will apprear, click on Metamask.
Wallet Options
  1. Give https://www.theroyaltimes.net/ access to your Metamask account.
give access to the theroyaltimes.netgive access to the theroyaltimes.net 2
  1. You need to have BNB balance in your Metamask in order to buy Royal Token. If you don't have BNB please buy it and transfer to your Metamask wallet.

  2. If you have enough BNB to buy desired Royal Token then enter the amount you want to buy in the input box next to BNB logo and text. The amount of Royal you can buy with that BNB will be shown in the input box below.

  1. Click on "Swap" button. You'll have to confirm the transaction. Click on "Confirm".
Confirmation Buy Royal
  1. After few seconds you'll get notification stating that the transaction is completed. Now you can check your balance in your Metamask Wallet.
Royal Balance

OR, you can swap royal token using Pancake Swap.


Note: You need to have WBNB as exchange Currency and BNB to pay gas fees.

  1. Go to Pancake Swap.

  2. You will get import token option. Click on "I understand" and thn "Import" button.

import token option
  1. Enter the amount of WBNB you wish to exchange with Royal Token.
Swap Pancakeswap
  1. If you dont have WBNB then exchange your available tokens to WBNB.

  2. Click on "Enable" to give Pancake Swap permission to spend your WBNB to exchange with Royal.

  3. After some time you can click on "SWAP" button. Click on the "SWAP" button and confirmation Modal will appear.

Confirm Swap Modal
  1. Pay gas fees and wait for the transaction to complete and soon you'll have your Royal Token in your Metamask Wallet.
Pay Gas Fees

Contract Address

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