Create/Import Wallet

This guide will teach you how to create and import wallet.

Create/Import Wallet in Metamask

This guide will teach you how to add Metamask to your browser, create/import wallet in Metamask.


  1. MetaMask uses a chrome browser extension to help you manage your cryptocurrencies. You will be prompted to download the extension and give it permissions on your browser.

    • Click on Add to Chrome
    • Click on Add Extension
Add Extension 1Add Extension
  1. Click on Metamask logo in extension section of your browser.
Extension Area
  1. Click on Get Started.
Get Started Metamask
  1. You'll get an option to create new wallet or import wallet if you already have one.
Create Import Wallet
  1. If you already have Secret Recovery Phrase then import your wallet by simply adding seed phrase and new password. This new password will allow you to login back to your metamask account when you are logged out.
Import Wallet
  1. If you dont have wallet then click on Create a Wallet. Follow the instructions and the metamask you give you your Secret Recovery Phrase. Click on "Click Here to Reveal Secret Words" to reveal your phrase and copy it somewhere. Note: don't lose your seed phrase because it cannot be recovered. Your password can be changed but your secret key cannot be changed. Next, you will have to verify your secret key and click on "Confirm".
Reveal Secred CodeConfirm Secret Phrase in order
  1. Congratulations you have successfully created new wallet. You will be given instructions on how to store the seed phrase. Make sure you have this seed phrase written out by hand and secured somewhere physically. This Phrase is like a backup password to your specific wallet, and while you can make another one, it's a lot more challenging to have to recover your account that could hold assets.
Congratulations Page

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