How to get Royal

This guide will guide you to buy Royal using your Metamask Wallet, how to add Royal Token to your wallet, how to add BSC mainnet to your wallet and so on.

Getting Started

Before getting Royal, you'll need to acquire BNB. We've created a tutorial video below — your journey begins here.

How to get Royal

These guides will help lead you through the process of obtaining Royal. Topics covered are: creating a MetaMask wallet, adding the BSC network to MetaMask, and swapping for the Royal token.

The first step in creating a wallet is choosing a wallet service. Luckily creating and having a Wallet is entirely free!

In the Cryptospace, you will mostly hear of two wallets: MetaMask and TrustWallet. New competitors are coming in that can give these wallets a run for their money, but for now, we recommend using MetaMask for your Crypto needs. Make sure you are using a Chrome or Firefox browser and allow extensions. We recommend using Chrome.

  1. Learn to create a Metamask Wallet
  2. Learn to add BSC Mainnet in your Metamask Wallet

Ready to Swap?

If you already have Metamask Wallet and if you have added BSC Mainnet and Royal Token to your Metamask Wallet then you can Swap BNB for Royal Token in the Swap Box below or use our guide to get Royal Token from our community site or Pancake Swap.



Balance: 0.0000


Balance: 0.0000


If you have not added Binance Smart Chain network in your MetaMask yet, please click Add Network and continue

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