Game Designer

As a game designer on the Royal Protocol Team, you will work with blockchain experts and game developers to design and create assessment games. In the Royal Protocol Ecosystem, game design acts as the bridge between traditional gaming markets and the future of a unified gaming universe. Game Designers will collaborate with blockchain experts to build the next evolution in gaming economy and GameFi.

Royal Protocol is a cutting-edge software development company which uses blockchain technology to reimagine how the mainstream gaming industry could be replaced by gaming ecosystems which empower and ...

You are someone who

  • Is analytical about games. You have a good understanding of a broad variety of games and types of games. When someone suggests a game feature, you can easily reference a previous game that tried it and explain why the feature did or didn't work. This requires a diversity of gaming experience that covers well-known and more obscure games.
  • Is a strong team member. You communicate effectively in meetings and written correspondence. You resolve conflicts rather than creating them. You get things done!
  • Is experienced at finding creative solutions to gameplay problems. You have been involved in multiple game development projects (published games or student work). Through this experience, you have developed familiarity with common problems in game design and how to solve them. You can face tough questions and come up with creative solutions.
  • Enjoys working with data. You can manipulate information in spreadsheet or JSON form, and balance game systems in ways that align with the product's overall goal.
  • Is excited about working on engaging assessments. Our projects are not entertainment-based products. While we strive to make assessments that are engaging to the players, our first goal is always to make an assessment that measures something.

You will

  • Create original game designs. A key responsibility of this role is to take a specific cognitive skill and create game designs that potentially assess it. This includes communicating these ideas through documentation and presentations with the goal of receiving support from partners.
  • Prototype ideas.Get hands-on and rapidly prototype different ideas for exploration purposes, and present them to stakeholders.
  • Create and refine gameplay data.Find what drives the specific details of an assessment and refine the data to get the desired response from players.
  • Run user testing and interpret results. Facilitate gameplay and usability tests, and adjust design of assessment based on testing results and scientific analysis. Identify problems and develop creative solutions.

Basic qualifications

  • Experience working on 3+ game projects. Game projects can be professional, student, and/or personal in nature
  • Experience working on game projects in 1+ game engines (2+ preferred), such as Unity, Unreal, Twine, or others

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience contributing to game and prototype development
  • Experience working on educational or serious games projects
  • Experience working in education or cognitive science-related fields

You'll love

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • 7% match for purchased team tokens
  • Unlimited memeing with our team
  • Company owned laptop

(Unlimited PTO and unlimited Memeing must be within reason and approved by management.)


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